Shop The Look: Sunday afternoon slowness - how wonderful!

Sunday afternoon slowness - how wonderful!

The spring flowering time of the trees lasts only for a fleeting moment but is even more beautiful. So it’s time to stop and enjoy the moment! The Vaahtera (maple) fabric looks great in the middle of the greenery. So take a coffee break outside and enjoy the slowness.

Vaahtera Fabric

White Width 150 cm
28,00 €

Arkki Vase

White 17x23 cm
79,00 €

Elegia Teapot

1,2 l, strainer and lock from steel
29,00 €

Vaahtera Tray

White 38 cm
38,00 €

Valkea Coffee Cup

White 0,25 l
15,80 €

Valkea Plate

White 18 cm
11,80 €