Terms of Pentik Club

These terms are effective starting from 1.8.2022.

The terms of Pentik Club regular customers' program1

1. Pentik Club (later ”Pentik Club”) is Pentik Ltd's regular customers' program, which offers benefits related to Pentik products and services, such as offers and opportunities to take part in events organized by Pentik Club. Contemporary benefits will be stated on Pentik's web site and on customer messages, that will be sent to the members of Pentik Club.

2. People of at least 18 years of age can join and become members in Pentik Club free of charge. The membership of Pentik Club is personal and intended only for private persons, that is, consumers ( later ”Member”). If no notifications to the contrary are specifically made, only a Member may enjoy the benefits of Pentik Club and make purchases in accordance with the membership. 

3. You may become a member in Pentik-stores, or at the website pentik.com. When doing so, a private Pentik Club -account will be opened up for the Member. The Member may only have one (1) Pentik Club -account in use. A condition for the Member to join Pentik Club, is that the Member approves of these terms, the general terms of use and terms of agreement of Pentik web store, Pentik's processing practices related to the handling of personal information, and considers them to be binding. All of the terms are permanently displayed on Pentik's website mentioned above. 

4. The Member is obliged to both give their correct contact details, when joining Pentik Club, and to keep their contact details up to date. The fact that the contact details are up to date is important to ensure, that the Member can receive messages about benefits. Communication of membership benefits is an essential part of the regular customers' program. Pentik Club may organize extra benefits and membership events for Members, who have bought the most products within any given year. 

5. The member's personal information will be processed as per Pentik's confidentiality practices. The processing practices of personal information can be read both on Pentik's web site and in stores. Pentik Club's membership communication takes place primarily through e-mail and Pentik's web site.  In addition, Pentik may occasionally send SMS messages to Members.  

6. The Member may take advantage of Pentik Club benefits by identifying themselves by e-mail and/or phone number when shopping in Pentik-stores, or in Pentik web store at www.pentik.com. You should specifically notice, that retailer-owned Pentik stores and retailers representing several brands and whose selections also include Pentik products, are not obliged to offer the same membership benefits. 

7. Pentik Club and its membership service is brought to the Finnish consumers in Finnish. A part of Pentik Club's communication, such as news letters, may be, in accordance with Pentik's consideration, available for the customer also in English. However, Pentik is not obliged to produce messages and services related to Pentik Club in any other languages but Finnish. 

8. After its own consideration, Pentik has the right to reject a Pentik Club membership application or discontinue a membership, if the Member has not actively used their membership, or the Member is in an essential breach of the membership conditions. The membership will be terminated within a reasonable time with a notification of termination made by Pentik, which will be sent to the e-mail address the Member has provided. However, should the notification have been caused by the Member's passivity, the membership may be kept valid by showing activity towards Pentik Club. The Member may leave Pentik Club by sending their letter of resignation to the address info@pentik.com

9. Pentik reserves the right to suspend Pentik Club within a reasonable time after the notification of suspension, and to change the terms of Pentik Club after informing the Member of these changes. Pentik Club terms, updated at any given time, will be displayed on Pentik's web site and in stores.   

10. The maintainer and marketer of Pentik Club is Pentik Ltd. Maaninkavaarantie 4 A, 97900 Posio, info@pentik.com, telephone: 016 3722 272.