Thank you gifts

Show gratitude and appreciation with small gifts

Small gifts to show appreciation or to say thank you are often needed in life. Gratitude can be shown in many ways, but small quality gifts are always appreciated and they mean a lot. There are many small gifts ideas to choose from in our assortment. You can find all our ideas for small gifts here

A quality candle is always a sure gift choice

In connection with the Pentik ceramics factory in Posio there's also a candle workshop, where some of the candles in our assortment are made. A high-quality, handmade candle is a practical and beautiful gift idea. Instead of a flower bouquet, you can remember the gift receiver with a slightly longer-lasting flower in the form of a Rose or Pioni candle. To add something more to the gift, you can also wrap some beautiful textile product or napkins to the gift package!

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A Finnish ceramic gift delights in everyday moments

A high-quality ceramic gift is always appreciated. Mugs and heart bowls made in our ceramics facory in Posio are perfect small gifts. A mug is an easy personal gift, perfect for those leisurely coffee moments. The heart shaped Pentik Studio ceramic bowl is surely a heart-warming gift which easily communicates of gratitude. The Kuksa cup designed to celebrate Pentik's 50th anniversary is also a great personal gift idea. 

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