For the love of food - and Finnish ceramics

For the love of food - and Finnish ceramics

Autumn is the time to get cozy and enjoy delicious home cooked meals. Make most out of the meals with attractive presentations! The appearance of food is just as important as the taste and flavour - after all we do eat with our eyes first! A dish plated with love and attention will surely increase the appetite and make your mouth water.

The ceramic pieces of Pentik are made in our own, northernmost ceramic factory in the world close to the Arctic Circle in Posio, Finland. The high-quality, beautifully shaped dishes create a spectacular base for any meal and bring their own addition to the dining experience. The same tableware works as well in everyday use as in festive occasions. For example the rugged and naturally beautiful Kajo and our 50 year anniversary product, Kuksa, are perfect for plating visually beautiful dishes.

Eye-catching Kuksa

Designed to celebrate Pentik´s 50 year anniversary, ceramic Kuksa is a modern interpretation of the classic product of Lapland made from traditional birch burl. You can make impressive and creative table setting by combining Kuksa bravely to other tableware. Kuksa cups and bowl are great for serving soups, shared dishes, starters, desserts or sauces - only imagination is the limit.


Naturally beautiful Kajo

Kajo (First Light) is a tableware collection full of warmth and affection. With their soft, round, organic shapes and a velvety-soft matte glaze, these are dishes you want to touch and hold close. Each piece is hand-finished, making all Kajo products unique. The simplified, rugged look emphasizes the beauty of any dish.

Tips for tempting food presentation 

Beautifully presented food evokes an appetite, and you don’t even always have to see much effort. Pick up our tips!

Images from food blog 12kuukautta

  • Use light and dark plates to make the food stand out. Add striking contrast by selecting a dark plate for lighter shade of food and vice versa. 
  • If you're unsure which size of plate to use, go for the bigger one. When there's some space left to the edges, it usually makes the food stand out more and doesn't look too crowded.
  • Plates with bold patterns work best with food that doesn't have that many colours or details. The pattern of the plate stands out more and the whole dish is visually balanced when there's not too much happening on the plate.
  • Wooden serving boards and cutting boards are great for many kinds of food, like serving tapas, antipasto or cheese. Smaller wooden plates can be used for serving individual appetizers or other dishes.  
  • The square Kallio and Kivi plates work well for breakfast - the plate can fit a coffee or tea cup as well as a breakfast roll. It's also great for serving sushi or other small bites.
  • Use small bowls, cups and plates for serving side dishes, sauces, spices, starters or desserts. Serve for example a sauce in a small bowl on top of the dinner plate.
  • Prepare oven dishes to a smaller bowl instead of a bigger oven tray to get nice individual portions straight from the oven! To complete the look, add a big dinner plate below the hot bowl.
  • Use different tableware for different food. A regular plate is usually mostly used, but deep plates and bowls are great for example serving salads, pasta or wok. You can also serve the main ingredient from a plate and the side from a small bowl.


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