Shop The Look: A natural choice for any bedroom

A natural choice for any bedroom

Our Lichen (Jäkälä) collection is a celebration of Finland’s clean and unique nature. Lichen thrives in harsh conditions and fresh air. And our Lichen collection brings that same breath of fresh air into your bedroom, creating the perfect space to fall asleep and wake up refreshed and ready for anything.

Jäkälä Tray

Black 38 cm
45,90 €

Jäkälä Duvet Cover Set

Light Brown 150x210+50x60 cm
89,90 €

Jäkälä Cushion Cover

Light Brown 45x45 cm
35,90 €

Elo Jar

White 19x16 cm
55,90 €

Elo Hanger for Flower Pot

White 26x32 cm
19,90 €