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Imagination is the only limit

With the sympathetic Metsänväki (Forest Animals) every day is filled with fun adventures. The kids’ room can be decorated imaginatively – for example with an adorable teepee tent sewn from Metsänväki fabric! The tent is not only a cute centerpiece in the kids’ room, it also encourages imaginative play and offers a cozy, quiet spot for when it’s time for reading or for other calm activities. Add soft cushions beneath to create a perfect hiding spot. Lovely knitted animals Elmo-fox and Leevi-owl are always there to keep you company.

Metsänväki Cushion Cover

Multicolour 45x45 cm
35,90 €
34,90 €

Elmo Fox Knitted Toy

Orange 28 cm
34,90 €

Metsänväki Cotton Fabric

Multicolour Width 150 cm
39,90 €