Shop The Look: A feast for the eyes

A feast for the eyes

The soft yet strong nuances of the Pastel (Pastelli) pattern look just as beautiful on the shelf as they do on the table. And the same goes for our iconic Rock (Kivi) ceramics pieces, with are works of art in their own right. Beauty like this definitely deserves to be on display.

Pastelli Tray

Pink 41 cm
36,00 €

Pastelli Mug

Grey 0,3 l
24,80 €

Pastelli Bowl

Grey 0,4 l
21,80 €

Kivi Butter Case

Black 11,5x16,5 cm
32,00 €

Kivi Jar

Black 15 cm 1,5 l
35,00 €

Kivi Jar

Black 13 cm 0,75 l
29,00 €

Graniitti Bowl

Black 3,5 l
57,80 €