Shop The Look: Little one’s favourites

Little one’s favourites

Learning to eat will be a child’s play with our kids’ tableware. Pentik's durable children’s ceramics are perfect for the little ones' first own dishes. In addition to tableware, our children's collection includes many delightful textiles. After a bath, it's good to wrap up in the fun hooded Pikkunalle towel and take a nap with the cute Lammas sleeping rag.

Pikkunallet Soup Plate

Light Blue 18 cm
25,80 €

Pikkunallet Mug

Light Blue 0,2 l
24,50 €

Pikkunallet Spoon

Light Blue 17 cm
9,00 €

Pikkunallet Hooded Towel

Light Blue 73x73 cm
34,00 €

Lammas Comforter

Light Blue 30x31 cm
10,00 €