Shop The Look: Set the celebrations into the garden!

Set the celebrations into the garden!

With the Jäkälä (lichen) textiles, you can create a fresh festive table setting in the garden. Sit at the table with your loved ones to celebrate all festive occasions, whether it's a birthday, graduation or other reason to get together. Warm blankets and cushions bring softness to the table setting and warm up when evening gets chilly.

Jäkälä Cotton Fabric

Light Brown Width 150 cm
39,90 €

Jäkälä Tray

Black 38 cm
45,90 €

Jäkälä Cushion Cover

Light Brown 45x45 cm
35,90 €

Herttua Decanter

Clear 1,1 l
65,90 €

Valo Champagne Glass

Clear 27,5 cl
20,90 €
12,00 €

Valkea Plate

White 27 cm
22,00 €