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Timeless style

The look of the kitchen is easily updated with the help of pretty jars, wooden utensils and trays that are stored on display. The multi-purpose Elo jars are perfect as herb pots and can also be used for cooking or as a serving bowl. The lovely wooden lids make the jars even more versatile. They are great for storing dry goods, such as spices, onion, candies or tea bags. The wooden Oras trays serve as a convenient landing place for, for example, garlic or jars of spices or herbs. The choice of tableware for a natural, light kitchen is Kajo with its rough, hand-decorated surface, bringing a touch of warmth to a modern, sleek kitchen.

Kajo Mug

White 0,5 l
34,90 €

Kajo Bowl

White 0,5 l
29,00 €

Jäkälä Tray

Black 38 cm
45,90 €

Oras Serving Board

Light Brown 15x32 cm
19,90 €

Elo Jar

White 14x11 cm
35,90 €

Elo Jar

White 19x16 cm
55,90 €

Elo Lid

Light Brown 18x7 cm
20,90 €

Elo Lid

Light Brown 13x5 cm
12,90 €