Beloved classic gifts

Give a gift that is valued throughout the years

Our beloved classics last time and are valued and adored from year to year. When Pentik’s roots are found in Posio, Lapland, it is natural that the source of inspiration for many products has been northern nature in all its shades and shapes. Ceramic items made in the world's northernmost ceramics factory, as well as high-quality interior design objects and textiles, are always sure gift choices.

Beautiful interior objects

Our silver-plated reindeers are true classics that bring the magic and precious atmosphere of Lapland into your home. Reindeers come in many sizes from small interior pieces to bigger candlebras. Quality candles made in the candle workshop operating in connection with our ceramics factory are also always a sure gift idea for example combined with some ceramic pieces. In addition, our wide selection includes many other interior elements from lanterns to stunning Finnish lampshades. A high quality and durable gift will delight in the years to come.

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Finnish ceramics are always valued

It's easy to fall in love with the treasures of the world's northernmost ceramics factory! From our tableware series, you can find products in various different styles, from the Saaga and Posio, which exude northern atmosphere, to the more elegant and simple Valkea or Kallio. Made in small batches and hand-decorated, the products in the Pentik Studio collection are a great example of ceramic art made for use. We take pride in our Finnish production and mark each ceramic product with a Made in Posio base stamp.

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Stunning vases offer lasting beauty

Whatever the theme of the celebration, a stylish vase for the gift bouquets is a great gift idea. Vases are lovely decorative elements that will be used throughout the coming years in everyday life and festive occasions. Our new additions, sculptural Lohkare glass vase and ceramic Arkki vase, can already be seen as Pentik's classics, despite their young age. For every occasion, there is sure to be a suitable alternative in our selection, from small and cute vases to more spectacular ones. A wonderful gift idea is to give a bouquet of flowers together with a suitable vase.

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Touch of luxury to everyday life

In addition to Finnish ceramics, Pentik is known for its wonderful selection of high-quality textiles. From our assortment you will find beautiful textiles from fabrics to cushion covers and textiles for bedroom and bathroom. Instead of a bouquet of flowers, you can choose as a gift a beautiful floral textile products, such as cushion covers. Our classic pattern Pioni or the blooming Aurora will surely delight as a longer-lasting flower gift. Our high-quality bedding, such as linen Ilta duvet covers, offer everyday luxury and are also an excellent practical gift.

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