Pentik Dogs

Design: Anu Pentik

Straight from the hands and the imagination of our very own artist Anu Pentik comes a pack of very special ceramic dogs. Each Pentik Dog is handmade and unique with its own personality. Manufact... Show more

The idea behind the Pentik Dogs had been brewing in Anu’s mind for a while. She knew she wanted to create a new collection of Pentik Studio ceramic animals that would bring joy into the homes an... Show more

Anu considered the countless furry, winged and antlered animals that roam in the northern nature that both Anu and Pentik call home. But ultimately, it was the close and often deep bond between ... Show more

Two talented students from Posio high school, Mariia Vaskina and Arsenii Chuvaev, joined Anu in the ceramic factory for the dog project. As a result, a unique and beloved dog family was born. Th... Show more

Each handmade Pentik Dog has its own unique personality and facial expressions – some even have their own accessories! We hope our Pentik Dogs find their way into loving homes where they can bri... Show more

Pentik Dogs available in stores!

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