Inkivääri Coated Runner
Inkivääri Coated Runner

Inkivääri Coated Runner

Light Brown 45x160 cm

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The stunning Inkivääri (Ginger) pattern by Minna Niskakangas has strong, clean Nordic lines. It’s a calm and simple print that still manages to surprise with its fun interpretation of this natural wonder. The soft white and beige tones make Inkivääri easy to combine and the perfect print for any home. Inkivääri coated runner brings a beautiful and earthy look to table setting and home interior. Made of acrylic coated cotton, which is a practical material for kitchen and dining table, as it's easy to wipe clean. Size of the runner is 45x160 cm. Gentle wash at 40 degrees. May shrink up to 3 % in the first wash.

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