Kesän Valoa Cushion Cover
Kesän Valoa Cushion Cover

Kesän Valoa Cushion Cover

Yellow 45x45 cm

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”The Summer Light on Rose Buds” is a painting by the visual artist Paula Suominen. The bold and colourful oil painting has been transformed into Kesän Valoa (Summer Light) pattern, in which the natural light presents itself as rich, gentle summer light. The colourful Kesän Valoa collection emphasizes the rebirth of spring and early summer life, and the energy of summer. Kesän Valoa cushion cover instantly brightens the atmosphere and adds a gorgeous, lively look to home interior. Made of 100 % cotton, the cushion cover is 45x45 cm in size. It's perfect with Pentik's 48x48 cm inner cushion, which will make the cushion look full with no extra space in the corners.

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