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Kuusipuu Candle
Kuusipuu Candle
Kuusipuu Candle

Kuusipuu Candle

White 12x13 cm
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In Posio, Pentik's home, the spruce trees carry a huge load of snow on their branches during the winter. The imagination of a walker in the forest makes the trees look like the strangest characters. The white Kuusipuu (Christmas tree) candles are hand-made in our candle factory in Posio. Our candle factory manufactures candles in various colours, and it is easy to find a perfect candle for your table setting or home decoration from our collection. Hand-made candles make for excellent gifts.

Size 12x13 cm. Burning time app. 50 hours.

SKU: 84KYN047011

76% paraffin, 24% stearin, unscented

12x13 cm

Do not move a burning candle, Burn candle on non-flammable underlay, Do not place candles in a draught, Burn 3-4 hours at a time, Avoid flammable materials near candle, Do not drop foreign objects on candle, Never leave a burning candle unattended, Cut wick to avoid smoking, Extinguish always by smothering, Candle may run, Distance of candles must be at least 10 cm from each other, Burning time app. 50 hours
Lasse Kovanen