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Lampi Mug

Lampi Mug

White 0,3 l
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What is reflected from the surface of a forest pond? 
Next to Pentik's own northernmost ceramics factory in the world is a pond with mirror-clear water. Inspired by that Anu Pentik designed the Lampi (Pond) ceramics. The Lampi mug has an iconic shape familiar from the Halla series. It goes well with the Lampi plate and together they make a beautiful set for a Christmas gift, for example.

The glaze on the Lampi mug features small brown dots, giving each product a unique look and a vibrant, beautiful surface. The white Lampi mug has a capacity of 0,3 litres and it is machine washable and can be used in electric ovens, baking ovens, microwave ovens and freezers. Made in Finland, in Posio.