Lohkare Candle Glass
Lohkare Candle Glass
Lohkare Candle Glass
Lohkare Candle Glass

Lohkare Candle Glass

Brown 10x8 cm
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The cliff below your window.
Sometimes the design is done by paddling. The vase is shaped by a migratory boulder that designer Lasse Kovanen meets every now and then in the Baltic Sea archipelago. Lasse won't tell us the exact location of the boulder, the pleasure will be reserved for the finder.

Hand washing is recommended. Size of the candle glass is 10x8 cm.

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Mouth blown glass

10x8 cm

Handle with care, Handwash due to shape of product, Avoid fast temperature changes, Thickness of glass can vary, Item may include bubbles, Keep burning candles out of the reach of children and pets, Do not move a burning candle, Burn candle on non-flammable underlay, Do not place candles in a draught, Avoid flammable materials near candle, Do not drop foreign objects on candle, Never leave a burning candle unattended, Extinguish always by smothering, For small tealights
Lasse Kovanen