Tuntu Bowl
Tuntu Bowl
Tuntu Bowl

Tuntu Bowl

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Inspired by nature. Made by the Northern people.
The Tuntu (Feel) ceramics collection is full of northern feeling. A feeling conveyed by the people who made the products. A feeling that we are part of nature and a feeling that we want to pass on from generation to generation. Tuntu is a practical, stackable tableware set designed by Tuuli Saarelainen and made in Finland at the world's northernmost ceramics factory in Posio.

The vivid colours and interesting casts of the Tuntu dishes are achieved by dipping the products in a glaze colour twice. The manufacture of the tableware requires manual work and therefore each Tuntu dish is unique. The Tuntu bowl has a capacity of 0,5 litres. The bowl is machine washable and can be used in the electric oven, baking oven, microwave and freezer.

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0,5 l

Oven proof, Microwave oven proof, Freezer proof, Rinse before dish washer wash, Dishwasher proof, Suitable for food, Avoid fast temperature changes
Tuuli Saarelainen