Responsibility for products and supply chain

Nature as a starting point for design and sustainable choices 

Our three designers find the source of inspiration for the product collections from the northern nature. Two-thirds of our assortment originates from the desks of our own designers. These products can be identified by the Design from Finland logo which indicates that the product has been designed in Finland in a professional and responsible manner. Products manufactured in Finland are marked with the Key Flag symbol. In addition to our own designs, our assortment includes carefully selected products which complement our gift selection and are suitable to be combined with our patterns.

We want our products to last time and be durable in terms of design and quality. We prefer to use natural materials such as cotton and wool, as well as recyclable materials. When a product reaches the end of its life cycle, we encourage our customers to make the best possible use of its materials by recycling. During 2021, we will be adding information of the materials on all products to make recycling as easy as possible. 

In addition to quality, we invest in product safety for example by testing products carefully before including them in our assortment. All products used in contact with food, such as ceramic tableware and napkins, are tested by an external research institute to ensure the safety, for example that colors or materials do not dissolve any harmful ingredients. Most of our textiles are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, indicating that every part of the product, including yarns and zippers, has been tested for harmful substances. These textiles are marked with a symbol in the product care label. 


Special attention to children's products

The origin of our products

Own production

All our ceramic products are designed in Finland and manufactured in the world's northernmost ceramic factory in Posio. Our factory near the Arctic Circle produces about 300 000 ceramic objects yearly and employs 30 ceramics professionals. There’s also a candle factory where high-quality candles are casted. All our ceramic products and candles manufactured at our own factory have the Design from Finland and Key Flag symbols. All our ceramic products can be used in freezer, microwave, electric oven and baking oven, making them very versatile.

In the production of our ceramic products we use Pentik clay and English white clay. Traditional Pentik clay is manufactured in our factory and the feldspar and quartz used in it come from Finland. Alongside domestic raw materials, we use English clay to expand the colour palette of our products. Finnish clay’s colour is close to red brick, while English clay is warm white. The clay is not further processed, it is only cleaned of impurities before use. We recover the waste heat generated in the firing process of ceramics and utilize it for heating properties and our own domestic water. The electricity at the factory is 100% produced from renewable energy sources.

Our own production is inspired by Finnish nature

Supplier relations and partnerships

Local production is in the core of our values. About 65% of our products are manufactured in Finland and other European countries. We are committed to Finnish design and want to increase the share of domestic products in our assortment even more. For example, by 2022, we will renew our selection of delicacies to be 100% domestic.

China is the largest source of supply outside the EU. We pay special attention to procurements from high-risk countries and actively develop co-operation with manufacturers. As a member of Amfori BSCI and Amfori BEPI, we adhere to the principles of corporate responsibility, which aim to improve working conditions in international supply chains and reduce environmental impact. We recognize that merely belonging to Amfori does not guarantee responsible operations, but it also requires active encouragement, guidance and support towards the suppliers. We also require our suppliers to commit to Pentik's own Pentik Social Responsibility program, which prohibits for example child labor, forced labor and discrimination.

As a family business, we want to nurture long-term relationships and be familiar with the origin of our products and raw materials. We want to find partners who we can work for a long time. A good example is the unique furniture made from recycled teak which was discovered by Anu Pentik on her first trips to India in 2000. This furniture from the same long-term partner is still included in our assortment, bringing an exotic addition alongside Scandinavian design.

Our goal is to increase transparency in all our operations. Product-specific information about the country of manufacture can be found on our website and in our stores. Since January 2020, we have also added this information to the product tags of all new products.

Sustainable use and recycling of products

We strive to recycle and utilize raw materials as efficiently as possible. At our factory, unburned clay is reused and glazed ceramics that break down are collected and made into recycled works of art. These unique art pieces can be found for example in Pentik store Sello in Leppävaara, Espoo, and in Pentik-mäki Culture Centre in Posio. At Pentik Manor in Posio even the youngest members of the family can participate in creating unique art pieces from broken ceramics. In summer 2021 there will be a joint project to create a 4-meter inchwarm from recycled ceramics.

We also don’t discard any discontinued products or 2nd quality products with aestethic flaws, instead these items are sold in our 13 outlet stores located around Finland. In addition you can find old classics from our Vintage Shop in Posio. More info of our Vintage Shop here

For us it’s important that our products are not only beautiful, but also long-lasting and durable. To help extend the life cycle of your Pentik items, we have put together some practical tips for product care.

Ceramic care and maintenance tips:

  • Ceramic dishes are very durable and washing them right after use will ensure they remain beautiful and bright for a long time. Always follow the dishwasher instructions for dosing detergents.
  • To clean up mugs darkened by coffee or tea, you can try adding baking powder or baking soda in the mug with hot water. Let it stand for a few minutes, then wash with a dish brush and rinse well. 
  • Any possible dark marks on products can be removed with abrasive cleaners. If the marks are very persistent, you can try a ceramic stove cleaner or a mixture of dishwasher detergent and water. We recommend using protective gloves while working with more efficient cleaners.
  • Any “rusty” yellowish marks on the products are most likely caused by proteinaceous substance that has been burned into the glaze, such as egg, sour cream or cheese. These traces can be prevented by rinsing and washing the product right after each use. For existing traces we recommend trying the same tips as mentioned above.

Note! Rough scouring pads should not be used for cleaning as they will scratch the surface of the ceramic product.