Spring preparations

Spring preparations

When the first sunbeams of spring start shining in, it's the perfect time to start planning how to prepare the balcony, terrace and garden for the upcoming summer! It's also time to change the soil and re-pot your houseplants, as well as plant seeds and flowers. 

Wrap your home in green

Whether your home has a balcony, terrace or other outdoor space - or even a sunny windowsill - unleash your imagination and create a lush spring atmosphere with a variety of greenery. Hang plants on different levels and let the vines sprout. Your green oasis is the perfect spot to sit down, relax and enjoy the warm and sunny spring days.  

View the multi-functional Mette baskets, Elo jars, Kivi pots, Winston blanket and Bruno or Bobo stools. In our stores you will also find furniture, like the Morgan cabinet and Sierra table shown in the images. Assortments may vary.

Start planting your garden

Put your hands in the soil and plant seeds, herbs and flowers in beautiful pots. Our assortment includes plenty of high-quality, domestic ceramic pots as well as spectacular vases for which you can choose your favorite plants and flowers. Our ceramic pots made in Posio are weather-resistant so they can also be used outside.

View the lovely Kivi and Elo pots, Violet glass lantern and Bruno bench. 

Small pot garden

You can easily create a relaxed atmosphere by combining delicate glass vases and different kinds of pots into casual arrangements. Vases filled with your favorite flowers and pots with various plants create a beautiful small garden. You can be playful when combining pots and vases in different sizes and colours to create your own composition. Decorative baskets add cozy atmosphere and can also be used as a decorative pot for plants. 

View Elo jars, Demo vases, Jäkälä cushion cover and Mette baskets. In our stores you will also find furniture, like the Morgan cabinet shown in the images. Assortments may vary.


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